When examining STEM, Technology cannot be overemphasised. 

The term “Technology” emanates from two Greek words transliterated as “techne” which means art, skill or craft, and “logos” meaning word, or the utterance by which inward thought is expressed. From its etymology, it can be inferred that the word Technology is the art, skill or craft by which a thought is tangibly expressed. This also tells us that technology is created through knowledge and skills. In general terms, it is the application of scientific knowledge for practical applications. 


Technology is one phenomenon that has existed for as far back as man began to think, implement their thoughts, and carry out innovations. Some of these innovations appear relatively simple, while others have come across as complex. 

Mechanical Technology: 

This is basically the use of simple machines to solve human problems. These machines include the inclined plane, lever, wedge, pulleys, screw, the wheels and axles, and any other tool employed to work mechanically. The mechanical form of technology commenced fully during the industrial revolution, and in recent times, it has been employed to carry out tasks such as the running of cars, lifting heavy objects, and transportation. 

Communications Technology: 

This is the use of scientific knowledge to help you and I communicate better. Some examples of this            form of technology range from the use of telegrams to landlines, and recently, cell phones and the internet. Communications technology includes inventions to help enhance the value and effectiveness of communication. 

Electronic Technology: 

This is a form of technology that has to do with the use of electricity to perform tasks. Some examples of electronic devices used in our daily life include our mobile phones, laptops, televisions, radios, as well as the internal parts of computers that run on electricity. Other examples include watching machines, ovens, and lights. Electronic Technology encapsulates all that rely on electrical energy to generate power enough to achieve a certain goal. 

Medical Technology: 

More than ever, medical technology has been of great help in salvaging these diseases. This form of technology employs scientific principles to develop solutions to health related problems. Some of these complex inventions include X-rays, MRIs, Ventilators, and Ultrasounds. These machines help in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of symptoms and diseases. 

Industrial and Manufacturing Technology: 

This is the use of technology to make large scale production easier, faster, and better. The processes in industrial manufacturing include chemical, physical, electrical, or mechanical steps. These steps help in large scale production of items. 


The place of Technology in our daily lives and society today cannot be ignored. 

The place of Technology in our daily lives and society today cannot be ignored. Although there might be a few downsides when it comes to technology, its importance is much more glaring. 

1. Technology in Manufacturing:  With the rapid increase in technology, there has also been an increase in tools and machineries for manufacturing, which has facilitated massive production at reduced cost. These technological innovations provide for reliability, efficiency, speed in operations, and space-saving through an effective layout design. One such machine is the drilling machine. 

2. Increase in Knowledge: Technology has aided the increase in the knowledge available to humans. With technology, there is nearly no answer that cannot be answered, especially with the intent of the internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

3. Internet Technology: Once upon a not-so-far-away time, the greatest means of communication were the landlines and postal office mails, however, with each passing time, comes greater technologies. Today, we have our mobile phones and emails which not only allow for rapid dissemination of information, but also permits the processing and storage of large chunks of information. 

4. Transportation: Over time, various innovations have been made to facilitate the movement of humans and goods and services. In the older times, animals and charts were used. Today, we have the cars, trains, railways, sea ships, aeroplanes and pipelines, all of which have met with various improvements to serve their functions better. 

The importance and advantages of technology are inexhaustible. Some other benefits include the use of technology to help facilitate the exploration of natural and mineral resources; as well as space exploration. 

Last modified: Sunday, 18 December 2022, 4:11 PM