Coding is simply giving instructions to the computers but over time people believed it to be very hard and technical to learn and master. However, everybody can code. Great right!

Do you know life is built up by codes and everything is controlled by codes? Yes!. For example, your phone is built up by minute codes which allows you to control it easily. With these codes, when you type a text it shows on the screen, you know why? Because It has been programmed to do so by the means of coding.

What is Coding?

Coding Is giving instructions to the computer to make things work. It means assigning instructions to the computer for what action to execute.

For this lesson we would categories coding into two types of coding:

Block-based coding (for example, Scratch,, Thunkable, etc)

Textual coding (eg C, Java, Python, etc)

We would only focus on block type for this lesson.

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