Block-based coding is an easy fundamental type of computer programming. Block-based coding is a great approach for kids to learn the basics of programming rapidly without needing to start coding with intricate and stressful textual lines of code.

Block based coding is fun. With the visual blocks, children can create games and animations. Each block represents a line of code and using the visual interface, all you need to do is drag a block to your workspace.

Each block serves a different function, so it is important to arrange them in a specific sequence so that the events can align.

Scratch For Kids

Young children can learn the basics of coding with the help of the free, visually stimulating programming tool called Scratch. Scratch is a fun way to learn the basics of coding and it is easy to understand.

Scratch uses a block-based coding system that enables you to create animations, tales, games, and other content without writing any code. It is the best option for kids and young adults to start off coding.

Offline or Online

You can download the Scratch software from the Scratch official website to use it offline, Scratch is available for both windows and apple devices. or you could use the online editor. Find the links below:

Offline Editor:

Online Editor:

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