Add a backdrop

Add a sprite

Go to looks, click and drag say hello for 2 seconds. Edit “hello” to “Welcome to coding class”

Now add the event code “when the green flag clicked”. Click the green flag to see what happens

Add another character; any sprite of your choice

Go to the costume tab, and at the top right click “flip horizontally”.

Make The Second Sprite Talk

The first sprite has said something. To make the project organized, let the second sprite wait for some seconds. 

Go to control drag “wait” for 3 seconds 

Now drag says something for two seconds. Edit “hello” to “coding is fun”

Now let’s see how our conversation goes; Addan event “when the green flag clicked”. Observe what happens!! 

Let’s make it a whole lot beautiful

Add another backdrop

To make our story beautiful, let’s code our backdrops to change on different occasions.

Go to looks and drag switch backdrop; click the downward arrow and choose the next backdrop in the option

Go to control now and drag wait for 4 seconds 

Then drag switch backdrop again

Last modified: Thursday, 27 October 2022, 12:32 AM