Mathematics can be quite tasking  and boring. However, solving math on Scratch is simple and easy. Interestingly you don’t need a calculator and you can create a math quiz that could serve as a brain teaser to help build your math IQ.

Arithmetic Operators

You’ll find all the basic arithmetic operators on Scratch. The operators have special blocks that allow you to input numbers and solve simple equations. You’ll find multiplication (×}, division (÷), addition (+), and subtraction (-).

Mathematical Functions 

Scratch also supports a large number of mathematical functions. Math functions that can be selected from the drop-down menu, include square root, trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions.

Random Numbers

As you code, you’ll need to generate random numbers at some point, especially
if you create games and simulations. You’ll find random blocks serving this purpose.

Let’s do math!

Go to variable

Make a variable and name it as “Add”

Add a when “green flag clicked”

Then drag” set add to 0″

If you did this right, add will reflect on your stage with a 0 number

Go to operators drag the Addition lock and place on the 0

Input two random numbers

Now click the green flag and observe what happens on your stage.


  1. Code for different numbers using different arithmetic operators.
  2. Code a quiz project. You can use the picture below as a guide.

Last modified: Thursday, 27 October 2022, 12:37 AM